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Does CBD oil make you feel high?

Unlike THC, CBD has a number of advantages without making you feel “high.” In fact, the adverse effects of THC, like as anxiety and paranoia, are naturally counteracted by CBD. CBD typically co-occurs with THC in wild cannabis plants, maybe as a means for nature to counteract the negative effects of THC.

How should you consume CBD oil or other cannabinoids?

You can purchase CBD oil to benefit your entire body on the whole. To get the best absorption from CBD oil, apply a drop under your tongue (sublingually) using the provided dropper. For localised pain, inflammation, or discomfort in your body, CBD can also be applied topically as a cream or salve. CBD is also available in edible forms, such as gummies and candies. Another technique is to smoke cannabis or use a vaporizer, but this could be dangerous because smoking has the potential to harm your lungs over the long run.

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